Getting to the Bottom of Butt Facials

So, what do you really know about Butt Facials? Aka, Gluteous Glow, Fanny Facial, Shiny Hiney Treatment or even the Derrière Do-Over. 

Yes, it’s true that it’s an area that just doesn’t get much love, but things are about to change…It’s time to get your booty back!

Butt Facials originally became popular thanks to social media, giving rise to the term “Belfie” selfies of one’s own buttocks. It basically works to refine and smooth the skin with a variety of facial treatments. Much like the skin on your face, the skin on your behind is prone to many of the same problems such as inflammation, excessive hair, buttne (butt acne, yep that’s a word) dryness, loss of elasticity and inflammation.

As with all facials, your aesthetician begins by assessing your specific needs and tailoring your treatment based on your personal concerns. However, most Butt Facials begin the same way, with exfoliation, a scrub or an enzyme peel to remove dead skin, and finished off with a moisturizing mask.

Additional Butt Facial treatments range from Laser Therapy- for uneven skin tone, removal of unwanted hair or to clear up Buttne, to Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Glycolic Peels and Jelly Masks and some even include a Microcurrent Therapy session to lift and tone.

Getting a Butt Facial is also a great way to prevent problems such as ingrown hairs and acne and to stimulate collagen, reduce cellulite and brighten and soften the skin.

At Snatched Lab our we are currently offering a JUNE BUTT FACIAL SPECIAL; this includes a treatment with the Aerolase Laser and is intended to refresh, detox, exfoliate, and remove unwanted hair from the buttock area.  It will finish off with a vitamin and mineral rich Jelly Mask providing long-lasting hydration. Price is $120.  

The bottom line? Getting a butt facial will leave your rear end feeling relaxed, the skin feeling baby-soft and leave you ready to show off your Tip Top Tush!

Snatched Lab provides our clients with the best and most up to date aesthetic procedures performed by the most talented, trained, and caring professionals. Our commitment is to you and to provide you with the best possible outcomes. 

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